Just salad sucks.

Serve your guests with food sensitivities an 8SAFE dish instead.


I’d be clueless what to serve someone with food sensitivities if I didn’t have them myself.

And I'd probably offer a simple salad having no idea what else to serve. But cooking for guests with food sensitivities doesn't have to be difficult — even if you’re dealing with multiple restrictions.

You just need one 8SAFE dish.

An 8SAFE® dish is made without gluten & the top eight food allergens: wheat, milk (dairy), egg, soy, peanut, tree nuts, fish & shellfish.

By avoiding these key ingredients, each 8SAFE recipe caters to over 40,000 different combinations of common trigger foods — which means you won’t have to cater to everyone individually.

So whether your guests are avoiding zero, three, or all of these ingredients — they’ll have something safe & delicious to eat — with minimal effort on your part.



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