The 8SAFE Program

The 8SAFE Program is an elimination diet program — which means you'll remove specific foods from your diet for a period of time and then systematically reintroduce them and observe your body’s reaction.

Modern medicine regards elimination diets as the ‘gold standard’ for uncovering food sensitivities and I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve personally explored both elimination programs and blood tests to uncover my sensitivities — and I can say that the information I've obtained from elimination programs have been priceless — and well worth the effort involved. 


I'm no stranger to food sensitivities. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia at age 13 and have been avoiding sugar ever since. More recently I've discovered that I'm sensitive to gluten, dairy, soy, egg, beef, arugula and pineapple as well. As I continue to navigate the challenges of avoiding my food triggers — I also continue to experience the incredible joy and healing that comes from working through those challenges. 

See, a few years back I was dealing with chronic issues that were attributed to Lyme's Disease, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, hypoglycemia, 'new mom' syndrome, and/or simply getting older. But it just felt so dismissive. So when my doctor suggested an elimination diet I was receptive. It resonated with me — I knew something I was eating could be the cause of my symptoms (thanks to my experience with sugar all those years). But I what I wasn't prepared for was how incredibly life-changing it would be for me.

Symptoms that had plagued me for years, decades even — disappeared simply by changing the foods I was eating. 

The experience was simply mind-blowing, which is why I'm so passionate about helping others uncover their own food sensitivities. I've combined my education, first hand experience, and standard methods to create the 8SAFE Program. I've simplified the process of an elimination program and offer you support every step of the way. 

The 8SAFE Program is an online course that will help you discover sensitivities to gluten and the eight most common food allergens: wheat, milk, soy, egg, peanut, tree nuts, fish & shellfish. I'll teach you how to avoid these ingredients before challenging them one-by-one and observing how your body reacts to them.

You'll get an overview of the whole process, which I’ll then break down into manageable steps. The program is a series of videos (that you'll watch at your convenience) and includes resources, shopping lists, loads of recipes and tons of practical advice and tips — all of which you can access anywhere you have a web connection. 

And no worries — there are no portion sizes or calorie restrictions in the program. The only goal is to avoid certain ingredients so you can evaluate your relationship to them. You also have the freedom to eat in whatever style suits you (vegetarian, paleo, omnivore, etc). Substitutions are provided for those who are vegan, as well as those who have known allergies to any of the foods being tested, so you can tailor the program to fit your specific needs. 

Sound good?