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The 8SAFE Program


The 8SAFE Program is an elimination program — which means you'll remove (eliminate) specific foods from your diet for a period of time and then systematically reintroduce them and observe your body’s reaction.

Modern medicine regards elimination diets as the ‘gold standard’ for uncovering food sensitivities, and I wholeheartedly agree. 

A few years back I was dealing with a host of chronic symptoms and feeling like crap on a daily basis. And I was on a quest for concrete answers as to why.

At the time, my symptoms were attributed to Lyme's Disease, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, hypoglycemia, 'new mom' syndrome, or simply getting older — all of which were challenges I was facing (or had dealt with) — but it just felt so dismissive. I knew there was more to it and those answers didn't resonate with me. So when my doctor suggested an elimination diet I was all in.

And I had no idea just how much the food I was eating was affecting my health. 

Symptoms that had plagued me for years disappeared simply by changing the foods I was eating. No joke — gone. Vanished. All without having to take any medications. Simply by changing my diet.  It was amazing.

Granted, not all of my symptoms disappeared, but the handful I was left with were completely manageable. I had energy again. I felt better than I had in years. I could think more clearly. I was a hell of a lot happier. Every facet of my life changed for the better once I was able to identify my food sensitivities and began avoiding those foods. And life continues to get better as I continue to heal.

The experience was completely life-changing, eye-opening, and above all else — healing — which is why I'm so passionate about helping others discover their own food sensitivities. 

Combining my education, first hand experience, and gold standard methods, I've created the 8SAFE Program. The 8SAFE Program is an online course that will help you discover if you have sensitivities to gluten and the eight most common food allergens (wheat, milk, soy, egg, peanut, tree nuts, fish & shellfish). I'll teach you how to avoid these ingredients before challenging them one-by-one and observing how your body reacts to them. 

The program is a series of videos and includes resources, shopping lists, loads of recipes and tons of practical advice and tips — all of which you can access anywhere you have a web connection. 

And no worries — there's no portion sizes or calorie restrictions in the program. The only goal is to avoid certain key ingredients so you can evaluate your relationship to them. You also have the freedom to eat in whatever style suits you (vegetarian, paleo, omnivore, etc). Substitutions are provided for those who are vegan as well as those who have known allergies, so you can tailor the program to fit your specific needs. I'm also not going to tell you what to eat — just what foods to avoid to get the answers you're looking for. Sound good?

Now, I'm not gonna lie — it will be challenging. Most worthwhile things in life are. But I promise that I've done everything in my power to make it as easy for you as possible — and I'll be with you every step of the way.

Trust me — it just may just change your life.


What are the benefits of discovering hidden food sensitivities?

  • You'll have validation that you're not crazy and something has been wrong — your food as been making you sick!
  • Your symptoms could disappear (or be reduced significantly) by avoiding your trigger food(s).
  • You could find relief from your chronic symptoms in a natural and holistic way — instead of popping pills.
  • It could save you money. Prescriptions can be costly — I know I'd rather put my money towards good, quality food because you gotta eat anyway!
  • It could improve your quality of life — and put you in control of your health.
  • You'll develop a better understanding of your body and your own needs as an individual — and learn to trust your own healing instincts.
  • You could end up feeling like your old self again — maybe even better!!!


But don't just take my word for it...

I was very surprised by the way my body reacted. Egg and milk caused a quick reaction, and since eliminating them I feel great! I’ve had mass improvements. My skin went from dry to normal. I lost 4 pounds and no longer feel bloated. My mood is better, I sleep like a baby, and a lot of aches are now gone!
— Cassandra Smith

I joined the program because I wanted to know for sure what foods were causing me to feel tired and sluggish all the time. I thought the program would be very restrictive but it didn’t feel like that and was less challenging than I thought. It was, in fact, empowering and I’m very happy I enrolled in it. I’d totally recommend it to anyone who wants to know what makes them feel well and what doesn’t.
— Marcela Macias *

Before following the 8SAFE Program I was suffering from uncomfortable eczema on my face. I awoke most days with joint stiffness, pain, or swelling, thinking it was from getting older. Instead, it turned out to all be related to food sensitivities.

It’s amazing to feel so much better and have the power to make the choice to feel good or feel bad. Foods are no longer off-limits, but now I have the power to choose how I want to feel through what I consume. 

It’s hard to share in words how great I feel after going through the 8SAFE Program, but I went from often sitting on a park bench watching my children play to swinging on the monkey bars and sliding down the slides with them because I no longer feel exhaustion or pain. If you told me that all was based on food a few months prior, I wouldn’t have believed you, but now, I see how much food choices affect our daily health. It’s the quality of my existence that has improved tremendously, and I would’ve never thought that was possible through an elimination diet.

This experience was eye opening. I now know how to read my body’s reaction when certain foods don’t agree with me, and I read food labels closely. I found that my body was telling me all along that some ingredients don’t make my body run well. The 8SAFE Program gave me the power to identify how my body reacts to certain foods, which allows me to have more control over my health.
— Janis K.

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