the right food can change everything

the 8SAFE Program


Does this sound like you?

You're tired all the time. Or you have brain fog and you're not as sharp as you used to be. Maybe it's bloating, constipation, or heartburn on a daily basis. Joint pain. Skin rashes. You're functioning in life but there's a constant undercurrent dragging you down.

You may dismiss it as just getting older or being overworked — but the truth is — you may have unknown food sensitivities that are causing your symptoms. 

Maybe you've already even made the connection that the food you eat is somehow to blame, and you've tried going gluten free or dairy free for a while, which seemed to help. But it felt too challenging, too confusing, or too limiting to maintain. So now you just avoid bread or limit the amount of cheese in your diet. And yes — maybe you do feel a little better — but overall you still feel like crap. 

See the thing is — you can hypothesize all you want on which foods could be bothering you.And you can try limiting those foods for a while to see how you feel. But until you fully dive in you're probably not going to find the answers that you're really looking for. 

But you're on the right path — you simply need a guide. That's where I come in.


If we haven't met yet, my name is Kelly and I'm no stranger to food sensitivities. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia at age 13 and have been avoiding sugar ever since. And more recently I've discovered that gluten, dairy, soy, egg, beef, arugula and pineapple are not my friends. The past few years I've been navigating the challenges of avoiding my food triggers and have learned a ton along the way. I've also experienced the incredible joy and healing that came from working through those challenges — discovering and avoiding my food triggers has completely changed my life.

And it's possible it could change yours for the better too. My health issues used to be overwhelming. I was dealing with Lyme's Disease, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, hypoglycemia — but everything changed once my belly was finally happy. Symptoms that had plagued me for years disappeared simply by changing the foods I was eating. The inflammation, constant fatigue, and brain fog are now gone. So is the bloating and gas. My mood has improved, I sleep better and I have way more energy. And all without the use of medication or pills.

Which is why I'm so passionate about helping others uncover their own food sensitivities.

I've combined my first hand experience with standard methods to create the 8SAFE Program. It simplifies the process and supports you every step of the way. Because honestly — the process can be overwhelming. But it's so worth it.

I know because I've been exactly where you are right now.

I'm sure you're feeling torn. You probably want to feel good again so badly that you're willing to do anything. Except the thought of doing an elimination program completely stresses you out.

No worries — my 8SAFE Program can bridge that gap.

It's an online course that will help you discover sensitivities to gluten and the eight most common food allergens: wheat, milk, soy, egg, peanut, tree nuts, fish & shellfish. I'll teach you how to avoid these ingredients before challenging them one-by-one and observing how your body reacts to them. You'll get an overview of the whole process, then I'll walk you through each step at your own pace. The program contains a series of videos that you'll watch at your convenience. It also includes resources, shopping lists, a printable calendar, loads of recipes and more — which you can  access anywhere you have a web connection. And I share tons of tips to help you along the way and ensure your success. 

And no worries — there are no portion sizes or calorie restrictions in the program. You also have the freedom to eat in whatever style suits you (vegetarian, paleo, omnivore, etc). Substitutions are provided for those who are vegan, as well as those who have known allergies to any of the foods being tested. 

Sound good?

So here's the breakdown...


MODULE 1 is a review the entire program. I'll go over the foods to include and foods to avoid; how to read labels to see if a product is 8SAFE; and I'll share cooking tips to make life in the kitchen a little easier. 

This week is all about preparing for the weeks ahead — and get ready to start 'eating 8SAFE' the following week.



MODULE 2 you'll begin eating only 8SAFE foods (you'll be totally prepared, no worries).

I'll share my best tips about cooking for the whole family (to make everybody happy) and how to navigate dining out while sticking to the program.



MODULE 3 you'll be eating 8SAFE as your body continues to detox from previous exposure to gluten and the top eight food allergens. 




MODULE 4 you'll continue to eat 8SAFE before you begin testing foods next week. Think of it as a 'rest' week where you can get comfortable with how your body feels while eating 8SAFE. 



MODULE 5 is when you start testing for reactions to the foods you've been avoiding. 

I'll teach you how to properly test a food for sensitivities and how to avoid common pitfalls. I also review the individual foods to be tested: egg, milk, and soy (as well as substitutions). 



In MODULE 6 you'll get a quick review of the testing process before proceeding to test peanuts and tree nuts. Again, I'll go over each food individually and provide alternatives & substitutions. 



In MODULE 7 you'll be moving on to test fish and shellfish. You'll learn more about sensitivities to these ingredients and explore substitutions (for those who are vegan or have known allergies to these ingredients).  


In MODULE 8 you'll finish up by testing for sensitivities to gluten and wheat. 

Again, I'll go over each of these ingredients individually and walk you through testing so can you feel confident in your results. 




And finally, in MODULE 9 you'll learn how to apply your new-found knowledge and confidently test any food or ingredient moving forward after the program.




The 8SAFE program could prove to be the greatest experiment of your life.

You may be asking if it's worth all this effort to feel good again — to which I can confidently respond with a "Hell yea!!!"

Understanding how your unique body communicates and responds with sensitivities isn't something you can learn from a textbook and can't always be confirmed with a blood test. And our bodies are constantly changing. Foods that have never bothered you before may suddenly become an issue. And foods that you're sensitive to right now may become safe to eat again.

The 8SAFE Program will help you master the skills to recognize any food sensitivity — whether it's temporary or permanent. 

And even though my program focuses on gluten and the eight major food allergens, you'll walk away with the confidence and skills to test any food on your own once the program is finished. You'll also have continued access to the videos and resources for the lifetime of the course. So if at any point you need a refresher (or would like to do the program again) you can rest assured knowing it's available to you at any time.

The 8SAFE Program will empower you. 

After completing the program, you'll feel more connected to your body, be able to trust your own instincts, and you'll really understand the relationship between what you eat and how you feel. You'll be able to confidently make choices that will support your unique body and help you feel your best every single day. And those nasty symptoms may all but disappear.

Are you ready?