How to Rock a Party with Food Sensitivities

photo by rawpixel

photo by rawpixel

It's party time!

Whether you're hosting the party or attending a soiree as a guest — these tips can help you make the most of any get together. Keep in mind these are simply suggestions and aren't going to suit every situation, but by making a little extra effort we can all have a great time at the party. Cheers!

photo by Canva

photo by Canva

As the host of the party...

  • When doling out the invites, ask if anyone has food sensitivities and make note of any.

  • Consider what your food sensitive guests will be able to eat and if it would make for an enjoyable experience. Try to be empathetic. Would you be happy spending six hours at a party where the only thing you can eat is the green salad?

  • Reach out to your guests for feedback if you can. Ask whether certain recipes are okay or if they have any suggestions.

  • When in doubt — pick a few 8SAFE recipes to prepare. Every 8SAFE recipe is free of gluten, wheat, egg, soy, milk (dairy), peanut, tree nuts, fish and shellfish (so just one 8SAFE recipe will cater to over 40,000 different combinations of food sensitivities).

  • Use safe ingredients when preparing allergy-friendly recipes. When possible, save the labels from ingredients (or snap a photo on your phone) so that your guests can refer to them if necessary.

  • Be sure each dish has it's own serving utensil and try to place 'safe' foods strategically (away from others or towards the back) to avoid cross-contamination.

  • If serving buffet style, let your guests with dietary restrictions serve themselves first. That way they have the most options are available to them (before a safe dish disappears!) and cross-contamination isn't an issue.

photo by Canva

photo by Canva

As a guest with food sensitivities...

  • Respond to the invitation as soon as possible — that way you have first dibs on what to bring (and it'll be easier to accommodate your food sensitivities).

  • Remember — it's your job to keep yourself safe — not the host. It's okay to mention that you have dietary restrictions, but your host is not responsible for them.

  • Be thoughtful. Ask your host about the menu and what you can bring to contribute. Bring something that not only caters to your restrictions, but compliments the theme and formality of the occasion. Check out the 8SAFE Recipe Box, recipes Across the Web and Found in Cookbooks for inspiration.

  • Bring something that tastes amazing. Help debunk the myth that allergy-friendly food tastes like cardboard. It’ll help all of us in the long run.

  • Bring back-up snacks. High-protein snacks will help take the edge off should you find yourself with little options. Stash them somewhere (like your bag or pocket) where you have easy access and can step away to eat them discreetly.

  • Practice gratitude. If someone goes out of their way to make a safe dish for you — eat it! And be sure to thank them.

 What would you add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!