PINNERTEST Part 2: The Results


Son of a beef!!! 

I got the results of my Pinnertest back, along with three new intolerances — pineapple, arugula, and beef. 

Pineapple and arugula should be easy enough to avoid. But beef?

A lot of people (like me) who've had Lyme's Disease develop an allergy to beef, so this sensitivity didn't surprise me — but I am bummed about it. But I know I'll get over it shortly when I start feeling better without it (feeling healthy is a wonderful motivator, isn't it?).

What did surprise me is what didn't make the list — the intolerances I discovered through an elimination program. 

Which confused me.

On their website, Pinnertest says that it can tell the difference between temporary and permanent intolerances. So the information in the test results weren't totally clear to me. I called Pinnertest for further explanation: 

"The Pinnertest does not test for life-threatening allergies or for Celiac Disease. It tests for food intolerance. The Pinnertest can determine the severity of the intolerance and verify whether it's a permanent or temporary intolerance. And the results list only permanent intolerances." —Sharon R.

So according to the Pinnertest, my other sensitivities could be temporary. I'm excited by the idea that my diet could be less restrictive in the future.

But I think it's very important to understand that you could have food sensitivities that won't show up on the Pinnertest. 

An elimination program is still the 'gold standard' to uncover any food sensitivities you may have that are restricting your health— including temporary ones due to stress or illness. You won't just learn which foods you should avoid — you'll also know exactly why should avoid them.  

But by all means follow up on your suspicions and do something about it. If you continue to eat foods that your body is intolerant or sensitive to — you'll be living in a constant state of inflammation and stress that will weaken your immune system and can lead to chronic illness and disease. 

The food you eat has such a profound impact on how you feel. 

You'll never understand how much your diet impacts your health until you challenge your own diet. Don't be afraid to find out if the food you love is loving you back. If you're curious if you have food sensitivities — do yourself a favor and find out. I promise you'll be glad you did. 


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