Summer Camp is Good for the Soul


CircusYoga Camp = best time ever!!!

I know this post is slightly off topic, but my son and I just got back from CircusYoga camp and we had so much fun I just had to share it with you!

This is our second year attending CircusYoga camp at Kripalu and we already can't wait to go back next year. I love this camp so much. It creates a safe place for my son and me to take a step back and see each other from a different perspective. I get to relax in my role as mother and nurture the playful side of our relationship. He gets to grow and discover his unique strengths and interests. Side-by-side we learn new skills, play games and explore. It's beautiful. 

Now before you start thinking, "But I don't do yoga!" or "I hate the circus!" I promise you've nothing to fear.

You don't need any yoga experience to have a great time at this camp. Sad to say, I've practiced yoga less than ten times in the past year so walking into the program I felt more like the Tin Man than Gumby. But by the end I really loosened up (both physically and figuratively!). All I needed was a willingness to stretch my body & mind a little bit and explore some fun new postures. 

As for the circus part of the program, Erin and Kevin incorporate some traditional circus acts and equipment into the mix which prove to be challenging (and fun!) for everybody. And rest assured — there's no knife throwing or creepy clowns to worry about (thank God!). 

There are so many reasons why I love this camp. Erin & Kevin are incredible facilitators and two of the most kind-hearted human beings I've ever met (love them!). My fellow campers who started out as strangers and became fast friends (so much gratitude for my fellow cicadas!). While you're there you don't have to cook, clean, or entertain the kiddos — it's all done for you! You get to enjoy the camp, too! Plus, the cafeteria is filled with healthy food that's clearly labeled (with major allergens highlighted!) so you can enjoy your meals stress free. Seriously peeps, what's not to love???


While we were there I also discovered these amazing frozen Dark Chocolate Coconut Bliss Bars by Luna & Larry's. Seriously — these are so freaking good on a hot summer day — they taste like traditional chocolate soft serve (I kid you not!). Makes it hard to believe that they're 8SAFE (made without any of the eight major food allergens). Just thinking about them is totally making my mouth water.

And a fellow camper told me about this awesome TED X talk by Coby Kozlowski, one of the talented presenters on staff at Kripalu. If you're looking for a little change in direction (or a fresh perspective) this video's for you. I've been lucky to find myself in a few of Coby's presentations and trust me — she doesn't disappoint.  

So check out CircusYoga, then grab a Chocolate Coconut Bliss Bar and watch Coby's TED X talk! It'll be good for your soul!

Sending big hugs to my fellow cicadas — see you next year!