The 8SAFE Program could prove to be the greatest experiment of your life.

Understanding how your unique body communicates and responds to sensitivities isn't something you can learn from a textbook or blood test. You need to challenge your trigger foods and observe your response. And our bodies are constantly changing. Foods that have never bothered you before may suddenly become an issue — and foods that you're sensitive to right now may become safe to eat again.

The 8SAFE Program will help you master the skills to recognize any food sensitivity — whether it's temporary or permanent. 

And even though my program focuses on gluten and the eight major food allergens, you'll walk away with the confidence and skills to test any food on your own once the program is finished. You'll also have continued access to the videos and resources for the lifetime of the course. So if at any point you need a refresher (or would like to do the program again) you can rest assured knowing it's available to you at any time.

The 8SAFE Program will empower you. 

After completing the program, you'll be more connected to your body, be able to trust your own instincts, and you'll really understand the relationship between what you eat and how you feel. You'll be able to confidently make choices that will support your unique body and help you feel your best every single day — and kick those nasty symptoms to the curb.