A Lyme-friendly Diet

In 2012 I began following a Lyme-friendly diet without even realizing it.

I had simply removed a handful of foods that I discovered I was sensitive to and my health improved dramatically. 

That's not to say it was an easy transition for me.

I started an elimination diet in January of 2012 and was... honestly? Overwhelmed. I wasn't feeling good both mentally and physically and was having a hard time following the diet. It was very challenging to remember every ingredient and guise I was supposed to avoid. And I wasn't totally confident that I was following the diet correctly or reintroducing foods properly. 

I was desperate to connect with someone who understood what I was going through. My physician didn't offer much help beyond the handout that outlined the elimination diet. And the web was filled with impersonal and often confusing advice. I met with a nutritionist who incredibly helpful, but (at $150 an hour) was too costly to continue. My friends and family did their best to be supportive — but I was the one educating them about food sensitivities, not the other way around. 

But you don't have to do it alone like I did.

I'm here to help. By sharing all that I've learned I can help you transition to a diet that supports your healing. Because believe me, I know...

Lyme's Disease itself can be overwhelming and probably the last thing you want to do — with what little energy you have — is try to navigate a new diet.

When I first had Lyme's — and was at my very worst — I could barely walk ten feet, let alone prepare and cook my meals. Some days I barely ate all, and most meals were out of a box or take out bag. When I did have an appetite I would crave comfort foods that offered very little nutritional value: mac & cheese, bread with butter, pizza, etc. In the height of my illness I don't think a veggie passed my lips for weeks at a time.

But as I made better food choices I regained my health. Making the connection between the food I was eating and how I was feeling was empowering. As I moved toward a whole foods based diet that is free from my food triggers, I've regained control of my health and my life. And I couldn't be happier.

I want you to feel empowered too.

You can choose to eat foods that support your body's ability to heal (or you can eat foods that weaken your immunity and support disease). It's a choice that you get make in your recovery — every day —at every meal. Why not choose the foods that best support you as an individual?

Because you gotta eat anyway.

You don't need to surrender to Lyme's Disease. And you don't have to muster the energy to fight like a warrior either.

You can take back your life one forkful at a time.

Think of it as a 'slow and steady sunrise' approach to healing. Things may be looking dark right now — but by making positive choices you'll continue to move toward brighter days. And eventually, you'll emerge as your strongest and most vibrant self.