So here's the breakdown...


MODULE 1 is a review the entire program. I'll go over the foods to include and foods to avoid; how to read labels to see if a product is 8SAFE; and I'll share cooking tips to make life in the kitchen a little easier. 

This week is all about preparing for the weeks ahead — and get ready to start 'eating 8SAFE' the following week.



MODULE 2 you'll begin eating only 8SAFE foods (you'll be totally prepared, no worries).

I'll share my best tips about cooking for the whole family (to make everybody happy) and how to navigate dining out while sticking to the program.



MODULE 3 you'll be eating 8SAFE as your body continues to detox from previous exposure to gluten and the top eight food allergens. 




MODULE 4 you'll continue to eat 8SAFE before you begin testing foods next week. Think of it as a 'rest' week where you can get comfortable with how your body feels while eating 8SAFE. 



MODULE 5 is when you start testing for reactions to the foods you've been avoiding. 

I'll teach you how to properly test a food for sensitivities and how to avoid common pitfalls. I also review the individual foods to be tested: egg, milk, and soy (as well as substitutions). 



In MODULE 6 you'll get a quick review of the testing process before proceeding to test peanuts and tree nuts. Again, I'll go over each food individually and provide alternatives & substitutions. 



In MODULE 7 you'll be moving on to test fish and shellfish. You'll learn more about sensitivities to these ingredients and explore substitutions (for those who are vegan or have known allergies to these ingredients).  


In MODULE 8 you'll finish up by testing for sensitivities to gluten and wheat. 

Again, I'll go over each of these ingredients individually and walk you through testing so can you feel confident in your results. 




And finally, in MODULE 9 you'll learn how to apply your new-found knowledge and confidently test any food or ingredient moving forward after the program.