Quick Green Veggie Salad

This is a quick salad to mix up and is quite tasty! It is very filling and makes about 2 servings. I add extra black beans or different kinds of peppers or tomatoes when I make it. Often it's a great dressing to use on any mix of vegetables. 

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Sweet Roasted Squash

Some days leave me feeling more like a short order cook than a beloved member of the family and I'm guessing I'm not alone. So for this post, I thought you might appreciate not only a 'master' recipe that's free of the eight major food allergens, but also tips for how to adapt it for the rest of the family too. Sound good? 

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Apple Crisp

I love the fall, don't you?

The cooler weather energizes me. I want to move more, cook more, create and explore. But I also want to take time to rest and snuggle deep in the covers. Take a pause to enjoy a hot cup of tea...

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Yes Cookies

These are the most positive cookies I know.

Whatever you want to call them, these addictive little balls of joy are perfect for back to school. They're easy to pack for lunch, and a great option for school functions. 

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Lemon Yogurt Dressing

Do you miss creamy dressings on your salad?

I do. So many of them are made with milk, egg, or soy that I can't tell you the last time I even bothered looking for a safe bottled dressing. Luckily, it's super easy to make at home. If you never have, I strongly encourage you to try. Salad dressings don't need to be fussy or complicated to be good and they can easily outshine that stuff that comes in a bottle. 

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Chipotle Guacamole Burger from The Fiesty Kitchen

Ok, so how many of you have been in this scenario...

While dining out on vacation a few weeks ago, I was very limited in safe menu options. It's just par for the course with my handful of restrictions, so I made the best of it. I was really hungry and optimistically ordered a bacon burger, no cheese, no bun. I smiled as I pictured something like the photo above arriving at my table.

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Chocolate Banana Bundt Cake with Salted Chocolate Ganache

It's National Chocolate Day! Woo-hoo!

So today I'm sharing this chocolate cake recipe from The Good Cake Co., run by three friends in Sydney, Australia. They focus on making the best allergy free cake recipes possible and after trying this recipe I think they're right on track.  

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Chickpeas & Dandelion Greens

"She wants me to eat a weed?"

I can see you crinkling up your nose as you read the title of this recipe. But hear me out. Horticulturally speaking, a weed is nothing more than a plant growing in the 'wrong' place and the term can apply to any member of the botanical world...

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